Ensure product stability and sustainability with HotSpot vision inspection

Prevent collapsing multipacks and reduce plastics in packaging with automated vision inspection for hot-melt glue application

  • Replace the destructive tear test
  • Integrate with existing packaging lines
  • Eliminate defects and expensive recalls
  • Switch easily between SKUs

Industry Partners Include

Cognex PSI

FLIR Platinum Partner

Termisk Systemteknik

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Bring us your challenge and see how Vision 4.0 can improve your manufacturing process.

Bytronic’s HotSpot solution provides:

  • 100% non-contact, automated in-line inspection
  • Measures adhesive heat through outer packaging
  • Works with any type of hot melt adhesive
  • Full Industry 4.0 connectivity and intelligence

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Why Bytronic?

Guiding you through your industry 4.0 journey

Bytronic Vision Automation is the leading integrator of machine vision and automation – helping businesses on their industry 4.0 journey.

As the UK’s leading integrator for Cognex and FLIR, we help companies to monitor, analyse and improve their production with automated machine vision inspection solutions.

Our dedicated team of vision automation and data specialists are committed to making complex vision systems simple in order to transform productivity and performance.

For almost 25 years, we have been developing our knowledge and experience of machine vision – supplying companies around the world with vision inspection solutions with 2D cameras, 3D cameras, barcode readers, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, edge computing and deep learning.

We were also recently named the exclusive UK distributor for fire prevention thermal imaging solutions by Termisk Systemteknik, in partnership with Thermascan.

Globally, 49% of tasks have the potential to be automated – our deep learning Vision 4.0 offers new possibilities on previously impossible inspections, to make this change happen.

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