Elevated Body Temperature Detection

Minimising the spread of infections 


A non-contact solution for screening of elevated body temperature (EBT).



Bytronic’s new system automatically detects EBT that may indicate a fever and underlying infection.

The system is compliant with ISO/TR 13154:2017(E) and follows the WHO and FDA guidelines for elevated body temperature screening.

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  • How EBT Detection Works


    Individuals are remotely monitored as they pass screening check points set up at an airport, border, turnstiles or in the entrance lobby to any building.


    Bytronic’s EBT system takes each individual’s temperature at the canthus (inner corner of the eye), known as the best indicator for body temperature.


    The system displays an instant visible alarm when an “out of norm” body temperature is detected.


    Persons with an elevated body temperature are sent to a separate line for further screening by a healthcare professional or designate.


    The deployment of the system is providing a non-invasive and highly effective method to screen for elevated body temperatures that might suggest a person has a virus.


    The adoption of this system is one small, but vital measure, to combat the spread of infections.


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Minimise the spread of infections


    Calibrated Emitter for regular automatic temperature calibration


    Screen individuals from a distance


    Fully automated, does not need an operator


    Display and detect critical temperature elevations in real-time


    Easy to set up and use


    Can be smoothly integrated in public area pedestrian traffic streams


    Future-proof: cameras can be re-deployed to do more than thermographic inspections, e.g. visual inspection


    Compliant with ISO/TR 13154:2017(E) and follows the WHO and FDA guidelines