Hot Glue Inspection


HotSpot™ checks that every one of your packs is correctly folded and properly sealed.



HotSpot™ is simple to install, setup and integrate with machine control to reliably inspect your cartons.


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Check That Every One of Your Packs is Correctly Folded and Properly Sealed


    100% inspection, zero contact with product


    Guarantee presence, location, size and temperature of every glue spot after application and folding 


    Prevent collapsing multipacks and ensure pallet stability


    Eliminate customer complaints

How HotSpot™ Works


Cartons are formed then hot-melt glue is applied to the carton flaps. The flaps are then folded and sealed to the carton sides to complete the assembly. By inspecting that the glue is at the required temperature, has been applied to the correct area and in the desired quantity, you can be assured that the carton will not fail and is safe to be transported.


Missing glue means potential breakages in logistics or at the point of sale. Badly shaped cartons means poor product sales.


The HotSpot™ vision system uses one or more Thermal cameras to inspect the areas where the flaps are sealed. 

The thermal imaging camera is providing a measurement of the glue temperature and location, through the carton material. If HotSpot™ identifies a failure, the system can provide a digital output to the production line.