Achieve consistency in plastic extrusion with automated in-line inspection

Prevent reworks, reduce downtime and improve measurement accuracy in the precision manufacturing extrusion industry



• Save time on inspection


• Transform production with real-time data feedback


• Bring quality inspection in-line


• Switch easily between profile types


Industry Partners Include


  • Wenglor

  • Cognex

  • Teledyne FLIR

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  • Transform your production and unlock infinite possibilities through Vision 4.0 automation

    Bytronic's plastic extrusion solution provides:

    • 100% non-contact, automated in-line inspection


    • Consistent product measurement across multiple variables


    • Up to 6000 measurements per second


    • Full Industry 4.0 connectivity and intelligence

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  • PPMA


  • BFBI

Why Bytronic?

Leading the Industry 4.0 revolution to unlock infinite possibilities for vision automation


Globally, 49% of tasks have the potential to be automated. The fourth industrial revolution is here, disrupting every industry in every country. We’re at the start of the ‘S-curve’ of exponential adoption - which side of history will your business be on?


You may be under pressure to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. You can be certain your competitors are feeling the same pressure.


Bytronic is the UK's leading integrator of machine vision and automated vision inspection. We're leading the fourth industry revolution and helping organisations take full advantage of vision to transform their production.  


By educating, inspiring and exciting manufacturing and logistics leaders, our team is unlocking the infinite possibilities of vision. 

Trusted By

  • BMW

  • Unilever

  • P&G

  • Ford

  • Pladis

  • ThyssenKrupp