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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) scanner

Minimise the spread of infections with accurate, non-contact temperature checks

Protect your business, stay open and fight the spread of Covid-19 with Bytronic’s new Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) scanner. EBT measures body temperature using high-resolution Infrared cameras and is accurate to within half a degree’s Centigrade, giving a highly accurate indication of possible fever or underlying infection. Fully compliant with ISO and FDA regulations, it can be installed at existing barriers or building entrances.

EBT scanner
  • 100% inspection, zero contact with product
  • Calibrated emitter for regular automatic temperature calibration
  • Screen individuals from a distance
  • Fully automated, does not need an operator
  • Display and detect critical temperature elevations in real-time
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be smoothly integrated in public area pedestrian traffic streams
  • Future-proof: cameras can be re-deployed to do more than thermographic inspections, e.g. visual inspection

EBT is compliant with ISO/TR 13154:2017(E) and follows the WHO and FDA guidelines for elevated body temperature screening. It is one vital measure in the fight to combat the spread of infections.

How EBT detection works

  • Individuals are remotely monitored as they pass screening check points set up at an airport, border, turnstiles or in the entrance lobby to any building
  • The EBT system takes each individual’s temperature at the canthus (inner corner of the eye), known as the best indicator for body temperature
  • The system displays an instant visible alarm when an “out of norm” body temperature is detected. Persons with an elevated body temperature are sent to a separate line for further screening by a healthcare professional or designate
  • The deployment of the system is providing a non-invasive and highly effective method to screen for elevated body temperatures that might suggest a person has a virus.