Thermal Seal Inspection for Automated Ice Cream Lines

 A fully integrated quality control

system checking the integrity

of ice cream packaging.



Eliminate inconsistent seal issues such as partial, weak, no seal or gaps and guarantee that every ice cream leaving your factory is securely wrapped with the Bytronic SealCheck™ seal inspector.


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  • How SealCheck™ Works


    Sleeves of packaging materials are filled with ice creams and sealed before being cut to individual packs.


    By inspecting that the seal is at the required temperature, that it has been applied to the correct area, and that there are no gaps in the seal, you can be assured that the pack will not fail and the ice cream is safe to be transported and sold to the end consumer.


    A defective seal means potential leakages or contamination in logistics or at the point of sale. Badly wrapped product means poor sales.


    The SealCheck™ vision system uses one or more thermal cameras to inspect the areas where the product is heat sealed.


    The thermal imaging camera provides a measurement of the seal temperature and location, and checks for any gaps.


    If SealCheck™ identifies a failure, the system can provide a digital output to the production line.


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Check That Every One of Your Ice Lollies is Properly Sealed


    100% inspection, zero contact with product


    Guarantee presence, location, size and temperature of every seal application


    Prevent leaks


    Ensure packaging integrity


    Eliminate customer complaints


    Detect misplaced product