Prove return on investment with machine vision for automation and robotics

For many manufacturers, vision is the first step into automation. When investment plans are under pressure from tighter margins, inflation, supply chains or economic pressures, a vision system can be faster to spec and install than a large-scale system, easier to sign off and quicker to deliver a return on investment. And it can be in stock when you need it.


Finding the right automated solution for your business isn’t always easy, with the range of new technologies and possible applications increasing all the time. The right vision partner will help you strike the balance between opportunity and cost – to help your business get the benefits of automation while showing the return on investment you need.


Machine vision for automation and robotics can help manufacturers move from short-term temporary fixes to long-term solutions.

Automate and optimise your future factory inspections

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Solve resource issues

The biggest single issue for any manufacturer is resource. Whatever your industry, product or application, there’s a lack of skilled workers, and that problem is here to stay. Automated vision intelligence can provide a long-term solution to the challenge of hiring people, especially for lower-skilled manufacturing roles.

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Prove ROI faster

Cost is always a factor in investment decisions. From finding the right automated solution, at the right price, to getting Board sign off, proving the return on a big system upgrade can take years. A vision system can pay for itself in months, and overcome short-term solutions such as agency costs.

Get started sooner

What good is a new automation or robotics project if it takes months or even years to get started? Lead times and stock positions matter. Vision systems can be specified and set up in just a few weeks, with cameras and hardware already in stock, so you can start automating your applications and seeing results sooner

Beat lead times and get ready for the future of manufacturing

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Run complex inspections

Automated vision intelligence can carry out complex and challenging inspections – from 2D and 3D object identification to presence and absence verification, dimensional gauging, high-speed code reading, parts recognition, final assembly verification and much more.

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Prevent downtime

In highly regulated or safety-conscious industries, automated vision inspection can reduce the risk of possible safety issues being missed by manual checks. Prevent costly reworks and avoid the risk of reputational damage that comes with product safety recalls.

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Get ready for ‘lights-out’

The future of ‘lights out’ automation is fast approaching for all manufacturers. Ignoring the fact won’t work forever. Whatever stage your business is at on its industry 4.0 journey, vision intelligence can help you adopt automation to find efficiencies and stay competitive long-term.