Automate and optimise your global manufacturing inspections

Manufacturers face huge challenges over the coming decade. Rising costs for raw materials and wages, shrinking labour markets, supply chain shortages, the skills gap and the journey to net zero – all add to the growing pressures on factories to change. The tricky part is knowing which changes to make when, and how.

Automated vision inspection is already helping the world’s largest manufacturers to predict the future, and prepare for it. By combining the latest vision technologies with powerful data and predictive insights, vision intelligence is helping factories optimise production and overcome the biggest challenges.

Autonomous, ‘lights-out’ manufacturing is coming – and will soon be the best way for industry to remain competitive and thrive in challenging times. The potential for automating quality inspections is growing all the time, and Bytronic Vision Intelligence is leading this revolution. We turn image-based information into better actions, in any industry, at any scale. We help manufacturers unlock infinite inspection possibilities, automating and optimising global manufacturing operations by using industry leading inspection and monitoring technologies to transform productivity.

We enable manufacturers to solve challenging inspections

Find energy efficiencies

Tackling rising prices by getting it done right first time, every time – improving production monitoring to reduce the need for reworks.

Cognex wood

Manage materials

Improving quality control pre and post production to cut out reworks or wastage when supplies are scarce or prices are soaring. 

Hit sustainability targets

Reducing environmental impact and controlling wastage or reworks – using data analysis and factory insights to find efficiencies.

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Solve resource issues

The biggest single issue for any manufacturer is resource. Whatever your industry, product or application, there’s a lack of skilled workers. Machine vision can help maintain production with a smaller workforce, as a long-term solution to the challenge of recruitment.

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Automate quality control

Spot missing parts or defects, catch operator errors or prevent assembly issues before vehicles leave the factory. With automated vision inspection, quality control systems can ensure precision, strength and reliability in every finished product.

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Get ready for ‘lights-out’

The future of ‘lights out’ automation is fast approaching for all manufacturers. Ignoring the fact won’t work forever. Whatever stage your business is at on its industry 4.0 journey, vision intelligence can help you adopt automation to find efficiencies and stay competitive long-term.


Need to use vision for your manufacturing or logistics?