Inspection and monitoring technology

that transforms productivity

The packaging industry faces big challenges right now. Consumer trends and buying habits continue to change. Demand for clearer labelling and transparency on sourcing and ingredients is growing. Moves towards sustainability are consigning single-use plastics to the bin and putting pressure on manufacturers to cut waste and find efficiencies. Not to mention energy prices, material shortages, inflationary pressures, wage rises and job vacancies.


But there are big opportunities to be had, too. New innovations in packaging, new materials and new rapid assembly methods are bringing exciting and in-demand products to market faster and more affordably than before. Automated vision inspection is already helping the industry to deliver future packaging trends consistently and safely, while minimising downtime or costly recalls.

Solve packaging quality and productivity problems

Protect your production

Thermal imaging can protect your production and assets – monitor the temperature of sealing, hot-melt glue application and other heated packaging processes to maintain the quality of production.

High-speed inspection

Optical character recognition (OCR) solutions keep up with your factory. Using deep learning, vision intelligence can carry out challenging, complex visual inspections on high-speed lines, handling big volumes.

Traceability Bytronic

Quality control

Automated barcode scanning can cut misreads and recalls and reduce manual labour costs by automating handling and checking processes. Production monitoring catches quality issues early.

Automated vision intelligence that takes care of business

Safeguard packaging

Check integrity of tamper proof and safety seals, detect counterfeits or inspect for capping or cosmetic defects.

Label & code checks

Spot mislabeled packaging, catch skewed or incorrect allergen labelling or carry out high-speed pac inspections.

Traceability Bytronic

Product inspection

Check for pack stability and quality, correct assembly, incorrect or missing items.