Save time and reduce costs with automated, non-contact tote bin inspection

ToteInspect is a non-contact, Artificial Intelligence based vision inspection system which checks tote bins to find any leftover products automatically, saving operational time and ultimately reducing costs. An ideal solution for logistics and supply chains, automated distribution centres, order fulfilment and high volume operations.

ToteTracker web image

Inspect every tote

Ensure that every one of your totes is completely empty without the need for visual checks

  • 100% inspection, zero contact with product
  • Save operational time
  • Links to order/tote bin identity code
  • Artificial Intelligence based – teach and learn process
  • Integrates to line for rejection of failed tote
  • Automatically monitor the give-aways/seepage

ToteInspect is simple to install, setup and integrate with conveyor controls to reliably inspect and reject failed tote bins.