Solve your application challenges with machine vision inspection and monitoring -
for manufacturing and logistics

We give manufacturers the ability to transform their global manufacturing productivity by improving inspection and monitoring capabilities. Drawing on 25 years of vision experience, we solve global factory application challenges by combining deep learning, edge vision and thermal imaging.

  • Increase yield while improving quality
  • Eliminate defects and expensive recalls
  • Create traceability across your production
  • Cut costs with automated vision inspection

Deep production insights

Understand your productivity

Quality control automation

End reliance on manual checks

Real-time risk mitigation

Protect people and property

End production quality issues

Keep your customers happy

Automate and optimise your global manufacturing inspections

Sectors we serve

Working with companies around the world, in every sector, we use sophisticated vision technology and data gathering to monitor, analyse and improve production processes. Our innovative solutions protect you from the potential pitfalls and problems of automation, identifying problems faster and more accurately than any person could, flagging risks immediately and spotting detail invisible to the human eye.

Automation is easier when you have eyes on everything

Visual intelligence takes care of the small things that make a big difference. By seeing more than the human eye ever could, it can transform your productivity, giving you confidence to take greater control over your production. Because when you have someone looking after the details, you can focus on the big business issues that matter most.

Transforming productivity for global manufacturers

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