Early fire prevention thermal imaging

Early detection is better than trying to respond to fires. If you can prevent a fire taking hold, your downtime and resources needed to fight the fire will dramatically reduce. By the time you can see flames it’s already too late. Traditional fire detection systems rely on actual flames and high temperatures before being triggered.

Bytronic offers a range of fire prevention systems using thermal imaging camera technology. Our systems monitor your fire risk areas 24/7 in real-time and detect temperature differences as small as 0.5 degree without creating false alarms. We offer two versions – a basic system, suitable for monitoring areas with no vehicle traffic, and an advanced version for areas with vehicle traffic, which prevents vehicle exhausts triggering false alarms. Both systems are designed to provide early warning of hot areas so they can be investigated before an actual fire starts. The systems can be linked to automatic water cannons and sprinkler systems.

Spot elevated temperatures before fires start at high-risk sites

Recent fire tests have shown that a better approach is to make sure that hotspots in stacks of wood are detected as quickly as possible to allow preventative action to be taken.Andy Hill, WRA Chair

Advanced fire protection systems

Bytronic’s advanced fire prevention system is perfect for areas with vehicle traffic – it automatically eliminates moving heat signatures, preventing vehicle exhausts triggering false alarms.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Programmable detection regions
  • Automatic elimination of moving heat sources
  • Minimising false alarms
  • Lodging of temperature profiles
  • Historical temperature reporting
  • Alarm images are automatically saved
  • Intelligent alarms: temperature thresholds & temperature change rate
  • Automatic activation of water cannons with optional directional control

Our advanced Fire Prevention Systems come in two versions: for static areas, such as waste bunkers and fuel stores, and for dynamic areas where vehicles are moving material around.

Basic fire prevention systems

For areas where there’s no moving vehicles or other risks of false alarms from human or machine activities, our basic software which utilises the FLIR Smart Fire Cameras offers a low cost fire prevention system.


FLIR A310 for fire prevention