Identify leftover products without manual checks with ToteInspect automated tote bin inspection

ToteInspect is a vision inspection system which fully automates the inspection of used totes. Using deep learning technology, ToteInspect automatically checks tote bins to detect leftover products and sort clean and contaminated totes, saving operational time and costs. Combining the Cognex D900 smart cameras with In-Sight ViDi deep learning software, ToteInspect captures an image of each tote as it passes along the line and analyses its contents in real-time.

Its accurate deep learning system learns and improves its accuracy over time and can detect items as small as a single grain of sugar, distinguish flat objects or clear liquids on the base of the tote, such as water. It can also identify and distinguish tote damage from natural, acceptable wear and tear. ToteInspect can also be combined with barcode readers to lock tote IDs to content inspection images, for tote tracking.

Ensure that every one of your totes is completely empty without the need for manual visual checks. ToteInspect can be setup and integrated with conveyor controls to reliably inspect and reject failed tote bins.

Save time and reduce costs with automated, non-contact tote bin inspection

ToteInspect factory image

Inspect every tote

Ensure 100% inspection of every tote without needing manual checks. Reduce contamination risks with zero human contact.

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Reduce impact and costs

Sorts clean totes from contaminated ones, so that only totes which need cleaning get washed Рreducing energy use and water consumption.

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Transform productivity

Vision inspection & monitoring can transform factory productivity. Optimise production with real-time data & predictive insights.

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Ideal for logistics and supply chains, automated distribution centres, order fulfilment and high volume operations.

  • 100% inspection, zero contact with product
  • Save operational time
  • Links to order/tote bin identity code
  • Artificial Intelligence based – teach and learn process
  • Integrates to line for rejection of failed tote
  • Automatically monitor the give-aways/seepage