Solve challenging applications with machine vision:
for manufacturing and logistics

Machine vision is one of the fundamental technologies in industrial automation. It has improved product quality, reliability, throughput and optimised manufacturing and logistics for decades. Now this proven technology is merging with AI and leading the transition to Industry 4.0.

The application of machine vision has increased significantly in recent years, thanks to advances in process power and a reduction in costs. Vision hardware and software is at the forefront of leading manufacturers’ processes, with brands such as Cognex and FLIR spearheading the charge in Deep Learning and Thermal inspection.

At Bytronic, we give manufacturers the ability to transform factory productivity using machine vision by improving inspection and monitoring capabilities. Our 25 years of vision experience gives us a unique capability, having hundreds of applications globally, combining thermal imaging, deep learning and edge vision.

Machine vision is used to improve industrial productivity in a number of ways

gears inspection cognex

Improving quality control

Spot defects or missing or misplaced items earlier in the production process, to prevent issues later on.

Prevent human error

Remove manual checks from your manufacturing process to stop relying on people for repetitive, repeatable tasks.

Increase outputs

Carry out inspections at high-speeds to limit factory downtime and keep your machines running for longer.

Wood inspection

Reduce wastage

Limit the cost of recalls, reworks and wastage to your business, in terms of time, materials, energy and shipping.

Robotic label affix

Overcome labour shortages

Machine vision can be used to automate manual processes at times when recruitment is a big challenge.

robot assembly

Get ready for 'lights out'

The future is ‘lights out’ automation – adopt automation to find efficiencies and remain competitive long-term.

We give manufacturers the ability to solve inspection challenges and transform factory productivity with machine vision

100% inspection

Protect your brand by preventing substandard or mislabelled products leaving your factory

  • Reduce defects
  • Increase yields


Non-contact high accuracy measurement

Verify tolerances on parts, assemblies and product labels with high-accuracy, non-contact measurement
• Automated, documented gauging
• Measurement of fragile items


99.9% read-rates

Dramatically reduce the impact of no-reads with industry-leading read rates and realtime feedback:
• Avoid costly no-reads
• Reduce rework hours


Optical character verification

Have absolute confidence in the accuracy and readability of your data and SKUs with Optical Character Recognition
• Legal compliance
• Safety critical information


Machine diagnostics using high-speed cameras

Review machine jams, crashes and failures frame-by-frame using recording speeds of up to 10,000 fps
• Identify persistent equipment issues
• Save engineering time


Need to use machine vision for your manufacturing or logistics?