Prevent recalls and reduce downtime with PackCheck product inspection

PackCheck analyses every pack on your production line to ensure that it is complete, with no missing items and that the shrink wrap has been correctly applied. PackCheck can trigger an alarm, reject the faulty pack, or stop production immediately.

Its internal logic can be coded to give a variety of responses based on your operational requirements. If one pack fails you probably just want to reject it, but if 6 in a row fail it looks like a materials issue and you want to stop the line immediately.

PackCheck is versatile: it fits any production line, can be powered from any typical source, and is suitable for any pack type regardless of contents, size and wrap type.


  • 100% inspection, zero contact with product
  • Can be installed over any conveyor
  • No moving parts added to your factory
  • Line performance unaffected
  • Seamless integration with Smart Factory principles
  • Record all reasons for pack rejection
  • Prevent jams due to bad wraps
  • Ensure pallet stability
  • Eliminate customer complaints
  • Protect your brand
  • Provide peace of mind


  • Barcode validation and grading on pack labels
  • Integration with MES/ERP for automatic pack type changeover
  • Fixed position or adjustable height, pack height range up to 1000mm
  • Standard (check top only) or Advanced (check 4 sides) versions
  • Various reject mechanisms available
  • Integration with data capture systems


  • Line speeds: up to 10 packs/second
  • Construction: stainless steel
  • Input: single phase 900W
  • Dimensions: W600xD600mm
  • Height: to suit conveyor and pack size
  • Pack height tolerance: +/- 50mm
  • Vision tech: Cognex VC5/Insight cameras
  • Lighting: LED
  • PLC: Siemens/Allen-Bradley
  • Comms: EthernetIP/Profinet