Intelligent vision for batteries: to accelerate scale while safeguarding quality & safety

The future of industries from automotive to consumer goods is battery-powered. But with demand surging, battery quality and safety risks grow too. Failures can easily occur and propagate.

Vision intelligence can help fast-growing industries like EV manufacturing and battery storage to scale up production, handling or shipping at pace, without risking quality or safety.

Manual oversight strains under increased throughput. Intelligent vision rapidly transforms mission-critical quality processes through automation and data-driven insights.

Bytronic’s vision engineers partner to embed solutions that expose risks, elevate performance, and achieve standardised excellence across your facilities. Together we build resilient operations ready for what’s next.

Automated inspection and monitoring to support the industries of tomorrow

robot assembly

Solve resource issues

The biggest single issue for any manufacturer is resource. In battery production, it’s often high-skilled workers who are in short supply – with businesses competing to find and retain good people.  Automated vision intelligence can provide a long-term solution to the immediate challenge of resource – and all of the difficulties that come with it.

Multiple code reading batteries

Run complex inspections

Automated vision intelligence can carry out simple or complex and inspections – from 2D and 3D object identification to presence and absence verification, seal or weld inspection, cell stacking alignment and height measurement, dimensional gauging, multiple high-speed code reading, parts recognition, final assembly verification and much more.

early fire prevention

Early fire prevention

As more battery-powered products enter the market, the risk of battery fires during production is a growing threat – lithium-ion batteries especially. Vision intelligence can automate product safety monitoring, using thermal imaging to inspect batteries for damage, overheating or thermal runaway – spotting potential fires before they start.

Automate quality control

Spot missing parts or defects, catch operator errors or prevent assembly issues before vehicles leave the factory. With automated vision inspection, quality control systems can ensure precision, strength and reliability in every finished product.

Glue bead inspection

Prove ROI faster

Cost is always a factor in investment decisions. From finding the right automated solution, at the right price, to getting Board sign off, proving the return on a big system upgrade can take years. A vision system can pay for itself in months, and overcome short-term solutions.

Stator assembly inspection

See the bigger picture

Vision intelligence allows you to turn image-based information into better actions, at any scale. By combining the latest vision technologies with powerful data and predictive insights, automotive manufacturers can optimise production and overcome longstanding production challenges.