Identify and track tote bins in real-time with ToteTracker

ToteTracker is a fully automated non-contact, machine vision system which identifies and tracks every tote on a production line to reduce operational time, prevent errors and reduce costs. It is ideal for automated distribution centres, high-volume operations, logistics and supply chain, order fulfilment centres and ‘print to order’ production. 

Using image-based barcode readers, ToteTracker can be integrated into existing lines, to identify and trace totes along the conveyor. Each tote is assigned a unique code, which is then automatically scanned by a series of image-based 1D and 2D barcode readers supplied by Cognex and placed at regular intervals throughout production. 

Slash labour costs and improve production speed. Ensure no incorrect or incomplete products make it through despatch and save operational time.

ToteTracker can be installed and integrated with existing lines, using image-based barcode readers to identify and trace totes along the conveyor

Expand your tote line capacity and reduce manual labour costs

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Accurate tote monitoring

100% non-contact automated tote inspection prevents errors and ensures defective or incomplete products are caught and rejected before reaching despatch.

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Automate manual processes

Intelligent product ID and tracking across entire production line removes the need for manual pairing of totes and products – reducing labour costs.

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Reduce costs of production

Locate totes in real-time, using image-based 1D and 2d barcode readers which constantly monitor tote location, reducing the cost of every pick and pack.

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Ideal for automated distribution centres, high-volume operations, logistics and ‘print to order’ production

  • 100% inspection, zero contact with product
  • Save operational time
  • Integrates to line for rejection of failed totes
  • Real-time tote location tracking
  • Image-based 1D and 2D barcode reader
  • Unique code assigned to each tote for accuracy