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We leverage decades of experience to rapidly transform mission-critical processes with intelligent vision to expose risks and standardise performance across manufacturing and logistics. See our latest projects.

Automating can picking lines with deep learning

Eliminating human error from pallet inspection with edge learning, achieving enhanced reliability and 24/7 operation.

Rapid inspection for whisky bottles

Saving 2 million premium bottles from waste with rapid automated in-line inspection, deployed within 48 hours.

Clean or dirty? Automated tote inspection for food prep disruptor

Fully automated tote inspection system to cut costs and save energy by reducing excessive tote washing at speeds of one tote per second

High-speed joint integrity for copper tubing

High-speed joint integrity for copper tubing in a harsh factory environment producing 60km of tubing each day.

Hot glue sealing integrity for FMCG

Preventing defective packaging and preventing collapsing packs while helping to eliminate plastic wrapping for global FMCG company.

Inspection for garment conveyor

Preventing shrinkage and reducing costs for fashion retailer with vision inspection system – delivering ROI within 12 months.

Product inspection for aerosol cans

Improving production efficiency and eliminating defects across a large range of product types and variants for global consumer goods brand.

Barcode readers for online seller

Retrofitting high-speed logistics lines with image-based barcode readers to deliver 99.9% read rates for 15 lines across six sites.

Label inspection for margarine maker

Fully automated label inspection system for one of the world’s largest producers of margarine – rolled out to 50 lines across six sites

3D body-in-white panel inspection

3D vision inspection system provides driving force in quality control for carmaker, preventing downtime that costs thousands per minute

Tote bin locator for online bookseller

Reducing manual labour costs by half for online bookseller with world-class machine vision on 500m tote conveyor.

Fire prevention for recycling site

Combining thermal imaging and robotic cannons to deliver automated fire prevention for London’s largest waste recycling site.