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textile production line

Preventing retail stock losses with AMH Material Handling

Preventing shrinkage and reducing operator costs for international off-price fashion retailer with vision inspection system – delivering return on investment within 12 months.

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Bytronic Products

Improving 'Print and Apply' read rates for global ecommerce retailer

Retrofitting high-speed logistics lines with image-based barcode readers to deliver 99.9% read rates for 15 lines across six sites.

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Aerosol cans web

Reducing aerosol can recalls with automation vision inspection

Improving production efficiency and eliminating defects across a large range of product types and variants for global consumer goods brand.

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Termisk thermal

Fire prevention for London Energy

Combining thermal imaging and robotic cannons to deliver automated fire prevention for London’s largest waste recycling site

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tote tracker

Tote bin tracking system

Reducing manual labour costs by half for online bookseller with world-class machine vision on 500m tote conveyor

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quality control for carmaker

Body-in-white panel inspection for luxury carmaker

3D vision inspection system provides driving force in quality control for carmaker, preventing downtime that costs thousands per minute

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margarine maker

Label inspection for margarine maker

Fully automated label inspection system for one of the world’s largest producers of margarine – rolled out to 50 lines across six sites

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