Meet our vision engineers

At Bytronic, we’re assembling a world-class team of vision engineers from diverse backgrounds to rapidly strengthen operations through intelligent vision.

Our vision engineers leverage expertise across hardware, software, PLCs, programming, electrical and mechanical engineering. With decades of experience, they expose risks, elevate performance, and execute standardised excellence across clients’ global operations.

Our team

Riaz Ahmed

Installation Engineer

Iain Clowery

Technical Manager

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Brian Davies Bytronic

Brian Davies

Technical Sales Manager

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John Dunlop CTO Bytronic

John Dunlop


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Joe Fraser Bytronic

Joe Fraser

Engineering Manager

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George Gentle - Bytronic

George Gentle

Technical Sales Engineer

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Jamie Himpleman

Installation Engineer

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Martin Hurworth Bytronic web

Martin Hurworth


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Stewart Jackson - Bytronic

Stewart Jackson

Solutions Development Manager

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Simon Jewell

Vision Project Engineer

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Samantha Rushton - Bytronic

Samantha Rushton

HR & Office Manager

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Fran Sanchez Bytronic

Fran Sanchez

Vision Engineer

Patrycja Zabrocka Bytronic

Patrycja Zabrocka

Project Coordinator

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