The long-awaited move to our swanky new offices is taking place this week. And our team is excited!

The renovated premises, now known as the ‘Innovation Campus’, house the entire i3 Group, which includes LineView Solutions and OptimumFX Consulting. ‘Innovation Campus’ is inspired by our group’s focus of delivering manufacturing improvement through innovation and expertise.

Our Technical Director, John Dunlop, says, “We have always been proud of our accomplishments and even though we have loads of current impressive projects with some great clients, this new facility, with state-of-the-art conference facilities, recreation areas and so much more, is definitely topping the list.”

This Victorian-era building has been expanded and completely transformed with all the intricacies and design that our team dared to dream. The building works were led by the Shaylor Group, Workplace Group carried out the interior design while Haley Marketing was responsible for interior branding. The technology setup of the new Campus was led by Coodart. The aptly named Innovation Campus has been modernized and wired with twenty miles of cable and yet the exterior design has stayed sympathetic to the original building’s style. It now offers three floors of unique space that has been expanded to over 9,300 square feet. There are numerous types of workspaces, quiet space, kitchen, gym and so much more.

We are so proud with our Office Manager Samantha Rushton, and General Manager Simon Coleman, who lead the whole renovation project since day one. Hats off to them both for getting it all signed off on time for the big move!

Simon explains, ‘The goal of the project was to have a workplace that fosters original thinking and the result is definitely a one of a kind location that truly fits the new name of ‘Innovation Campus.”

Bytronic will be welcoming visitors as usual as of Monday, 6th August, and in September we will host a Family Day for employees. Grand opening celebrations are yet to be confirmed.