In case you missed it, The Manufacturer released its 2021 Digital Transformation Assessment this month (download it here). For anyone working in manufacturing it’s a must-read. 

The report highlights vision as being one of the top technologies that manufacturers are using to meet their goals, but it still seemingly ranks low for deployment. Why?

At Bytronic, we often hear from the businesses we speak to that ‘vision is difficult’, or ‘we’ve had a bad experience previously’ or even that their teams ‘hate’ vision. Small wonder that ‘adoption and culture’ was named as the biggest obstacle to tech adoption by more than half the manufacturers surveyed. 

Yes, it can be difficult, but now with lower costs and increasing functionality, manufacturers really need to revisit vision soon or risk losing their competitive advantage.

With the convergence of IOT, predictive analytics and deep learning vision, new operational efficiencies are possible now that weren’t even just 12 months ago – while these kinds of improvements have never been easier to adopt. Manufacturers that aren’t investigating this new Industry 4.0 Vision fully are leaving value on the shopfloor.

So why is deployment still low? 

From discussions I’ve had, it seems the availability of time and expertise are two significant issues. Both can be solved – available time is a matter of priority and expertise is all about partnering correctly.

At Bytronic, we unlock infinite possibilities for vision. We’re leading the Industry 4.0 revolution – speak to the team to find out more.