Meet the latest additions to the FLIR product range – the incredible A50/ A70 cameras. The launch marks a turning point in vision, with new software capabilities which allow for dual functionality with two different spectrums – thermal temperature monitoring and visual inspection – within the same camera. This adds an extra level of functionality to new and existing integrated FLIR systems.

Why does this matter for your production line?

Well, users can combine thermal functionality, to check packaging seals for example, with visual inspection of the packaging itself. This can now be completed by one camera without the need for any additional hardware – just a simple software change.

A50/ A70 features

  • Accurate to ±2 °C for temperature measurements
  • Two choices of thermal resolution (464×348/ 640×480)
  • Comes with smart sensing via WiFi
  • Easily configured by a web client
  • Includes IP66 rating as standard to protect from dust, oil and water

The cameras are available in three options, Smart for condition monitoring, Streaming for process control or Research & Development.

Ideal for tough, industrial environments

  • Carry out temperature measurement and analysis without a PC
  • Rely on consistent readings over a period of time
  • Eliminate guesswork from data analysis
  • Maximise uptime and minimise costs
  • Reduce inspection times
  • Improve production efficiency and product reliability

Innovative industry 4.0 vision inspection is now more accessible than ever before.