Bytronic Vision Automation announces its new partnership with Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solutions provider, born from collaboration across the pond and an innovative approach to leveraging the technology lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to drive new outcomes. 

ADS’ collaboration with Bytronic bolsters its expansion into North America following approval of a new project with a worldwide beverage packaging line supplier. ADS’ technology leadership in the U.S., combined with Bytronic’s expertise as the U.K.’s leading integrator of machine vision and automation, create a robust approach to use the technological knowledge gained during the pandemic in new and different ways. The project will be undertaken as part of ADS’ Reemagineering division, a consortium of highly successful engineering executives focused on improving business and engineering performance in global businesses.

HotSpot web

ADS is working with Bytronic to streamline production and improve quality of beverage packaging to enhance shipping integrity and outcomes. Throughout the pandemic, the beverage industry has continued to see sustained increases in demand that necessitates improved packaging processes to keep up with bringing the supply to market. Tools such as body temperature elevation measurement and metrics that gained widespread use to screen for COVID-19 are now being used in combination with HotSpot, a fully integrated, contactless quality control system designed to test the integrity of the hot glue used in cardboard and paperboard packaging, to achieve the required outcomes and results. 

  • A Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging camera is used to ‘see’ heat from the glue allows the HotSpot system to check the temperature and application of the seal itself, and then use optical cameras to ensure flaps are folded correctly. 
  • This new automation capability enables packaging providers to maximize time on the production line and ensure each item produced is structurally sound to prevent stock losses and damage.  

“This cross-Atlantic partnership with Bytronic demonstrates the significant value in connecting technology and business outcomes in new ways in the post-pandemic era,” ADS’ CEO, Steve Seiden said. “The lessons we have learned over the past year, and the technologies and tools we have created to mitigate COVID-19 risk and spread are now being applied to address new challenges in the commercial sector and beyond. We are achieving goals we couldn’t have imagined before.”

 “We’re pleased to be collaborating with ADS in order to expand our HotSpot solution to North America,” Dr. John Dunlop, Founder of Bytronic Vision Automation said. “Post-COVID, we’re seeing a trend for thermal inspection technology being used in different ways – including production lines and packaging. Thermal inspection is not only for monitoring body temperature, it’s now becoming vital for production processes and supply chains. It’s allowing facilities to monitor things the human eye can’t see to guarantee reliability, increase efficiency and prevent costly stock losses.”