We love solving problems. That’s why we look forward to trade shows so much; for the range of vision-related manufacturing challenges that people bring to our stand, for us to work through and help them overcome.

Shows like Intralogistex and Robotics & Automation – where we were recently – are great opportunities for us to meet face-to-face with engineers from manufacturers based all around the world to understand the problems they face daily on the factory floor.

Almost everyone we speak to at these shows has an inspection challenge: a production problem to fix, a quality issue to improve or a line to upgrade. Part of the energy and excitement for us is to explore how we can use our knowledge of vision to solve their problems.

There are as many potential problems out there as they are manufacturing processes – the list is endless. This makes life very interesting for integrators like us tasked with finding solutions, especially with so many new AI-based tools and technologies coming to market. 

Our next stop on the road will be IWLEX 23 (stand D16) Telford on 23rd – 24th May, Smart Factory Expo (stand D106) on 7-8th June and UKIVA (stand 22) on 20th – 21st June.

So, do you have a manufacturing problem? Let’s hear it