Ensure product safety and show traceability with vision inspection

Food and beverage manufacturers face growing scrutiny in areas such as quality control, product safety, sustainability and traceability. Whether it’s adapting to changing regulations, proving product and ingredient traceability or preventing pack contamination, the whole industry is under pressure like never before.

Changing consumer trends means new products coming to market with more bespoke and complex packaging. From the rise of new plant-based food ranges to the return of cardboard packaging in the drinks industry, the future of many products will depend on the effective monitoring and management of raw materials, product integrity and wastage.

Powerful solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges


Monitoring raw materials in real-time can catch potential defects early, improving productivity and reducing wastage or costly extra reworks. Vision intelligence can inspect product volumes or quantities, check for missing items or use the latest deep learning technology to automate previously ‘human’ inspections such as product variation or cosmetic damage.


Reducing or removing plastic from the manufacturing process while ensuring pack stability is a real challenge, especially when consumers continue to demand single-use products. Vision inspection can check pack integrity on lines where plastic has been replaced by hot melt glue and prevent wastage through rapid inspection for perishable goods.

Traceability Bytronic


Showing and proving product traceability is crucial for quality, consumer safety and reputation. Vision intelligence can follow products through the supply chain, checking batch codes, tracking allergens and ensuring the correct product labelling to give retailers and consumers confidence in your products. And make future recalls easier to trace.