Cognex High Speed Steerable Mirror

The High Speed Steerable Mirror (HSSM) attached to the DataMan 470 fixed-mount barcode reader provides a high-performance, cost-effective solution for large field of view applications. It provides greater coverage, with 10x the resolution. 

The high-accuracy HSSM transforms 3 MP and 5 MP barcode readers to an effective resolution greater than a 50 MP sensor. This makes the mirror ideal for large field of view applications which often have shorter working distances and high variability, such as pallet scanning in logistics.

Boost production line output by ensuring the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times, and dynamically follow the steered field of view to provide real-time feedback.

Improve large field of view scanning for logistics operations

Cognex High Speed Steerable Mirror pallet scanning

Transform your productivity

Read a greater number of barcodes through in-line automation with a larger field of vision, to increase throughout and improve factory productivity.

Cognex High Speed Steerable Mirror mirror mount pallet scanning

Solve tricky applications

With a larger field-of-view and 10X greater effective resolution, the HSSM can solve applications on lines with high variability between products.

Cognex High Speed Steerable Mirror door dock

Rapid deployment

Integration can be completed swiftly and with minimal disruption with the right vision expertise, even for complex applications or high-volume areas like the door dock.

Product specifications

DataMan 474 Variant Dataman 475 Variant
Algorithms and Technologies 1DMax™, 2DMax™, Hotbars™, PowerGrid™
Image Sensor Resolution 2048 x 1536 2448 x 2048
Electronic Shutter Speed Min. Exposure: 15μs Max. exposure: 1000 μs with internal illumination/ 10000 μs with external illumination
Lens Options Liquid lens 16mm, 24mm, 35mm Liquid lens, 24mm, 35mm
Trigger and Tune Buttons Yes; Quick Setup Intelligent Tuning
Laser Aimer Included
Discrete Inputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
Discrete Outputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
Other I/O points 2 user-configurable
Status Outputs Beeper, 5 multifunctional LEDs, 10 LED bar array, 360 degree indicator
Lighting Various controllable external light options
Communications Ethernet and Serial
Protocols RS-232, TC/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, SLMP, Modbus TCP, NTP, SFTP, FTP, MRS, Java Scripting enabled for custom
Power 24 VDC ±10%
Operating Temperature 0-57℃ (32-134.6℉)
Protection IP67 with cables
Angle of Deflection -40 degrees to +40 degrees
High Speed Steerable Mirrow web Cognex