Cognex In-Sight 3800 vision system

The Cognex In-Sight 3800 is an all-in-one vision system designed to solve all of your vision needs.

One of the fastest systems available on the market, the In-Sight 3800 offers high speed, high resolution, and high flexibility.

With the ability to classify items, track barcodes and read text more than 30 times every second in a single inspection, the applications are almost endless.

How could your processes benefit from high-speed vision?

Possible applications

From EV battery inspection and gasket quality checks in the automotive sector, to high speed label reading and classification of consumer packaged goods, if you can think of an application, the 3800 can probably do it.

In the pharmaceutical and medical industries applications include vaccine label inspection. In the food and drink sector the 3800 is capable of high speed barcode and expiration date reading.

In electronics assembly, the 3800 can detect the presence or absence of components and count small elements such as cable pins.

Built for speed and versatility

Cognex In-Sight 3800 high speed

Optimise throughput with unparalleled speed

Offering twice the processing power of previous vision systems, the In-Sight 3800 can accommodate the fastest line speeds, enabling you to maximise the potential of your manufacturing applications.

Cognex In-Sight 3800 edge learning

Unlock innovative edge learning technology

The In-Sight 3800’s innovative edge learning tools allow beginners and experts alike to utilise automation through example-based training, solving classification and text reading applications.

Cognex In-Sight 3800 rule-based tools

Utilise rule-based tools for advanced applications

The In-Sight 3800 offers a comprehensive set of rule-based tools, allowing you to measure distance and blobs, count pixels and patterns, read codes, guide robots, perform maths, and more.

Product specifications

Cognex In-Sight
Image sensor IS301M IS301C IS303M IS303C IS305M IS305C
Bit depth 8-bit monochrome 24-bit color 8-bit monochrome 24-bit color 8-bit monochrome 24-bit color
Frames per second 125 fps 52 fps 47 fps 30 fps 32 fps 21 fps
Sensor type 1/2.3” CMOS, global shutter 1/1.8” CMOS, global shutter 2/3” CMOS, global shutter
Sensor properties 6.3 mm diagonal
3.45 x 3.45 μm square pixels
8.9 mm diagonal
3.45 x 3.45 μm square pixels
11.1 mm diagonal
3.45 x 3.45 μm square pixels
Maximum Image Resolution (pixels) 1440 x 1080 2048 x 1536 2448 x 2048
Electronic Shutter Speed 19.5 μs to 200,000 μs 25.1 μs to 200,000 μs 19.1 μs to 200,000 μs
Vision System
Memory 4 GB
Lens Type C-Mount, Cognex High Speed Liquid Lens Autofocus, or Cognex manual focus lens (used with Multi-Torch Illumination accessory).
Trigger 1 opto-isolated, acquisition trigger input.
Discrete Inputs 1 opto-isolated, acquisition trigger input.
Up to 3 general-purpose inputs when connected to the Breakout cable.
Discrete Outputs Up to 4 high-speed outputs when connected to the Breakout cable.
Status LEDs Pass/Fail LED and Indicator Ring, Network LED and Error LED.
High Speed Liquid Lens Lifespan Number of Focus Cycles: 1800 M cycles
Job/Program Memory 7.2 GB non-volatile flash memory; unlimited storage via remote network device.
Image Processing Memory 512 MB SDRAM
Network Communication 2 Ethernet ports, 10/100/1000 BaseT with auto MDIX. IEEE 802.3 TCP/IP Protocol.
Supports DHCP, static, and link-local IP address configuration. One port supports TSN networks.
Power Consumption 24 V DC ± 10%, 2.0 A maximum.
Power Output 24 V DC at 1.0 A maximum to external light.
Material Die-cast Zinc housing.
Finish Painted.
Mounting Four M3 threaded mounting holes. See Accessories for supported mounts.
Pattern: 38.5 × 58.5 mm (1.52 × 2.60 in)
Weight In-Sight 3800 with no accessories attached: 570 g (20.10 oz).
With 45 mm plastic C-Mount cover (COV-380-CMNT-45): 625 g (22.0 oz.) – no lens included.
With 60 mm plastic C-Mount cover (COV-380-CMNT-60): 635 g (22.4 oz.) – no lens included.
With 75 mm plastic C-Mount cover (COV-380-CMNT-75): 650 g (22.9 oz.) – no lens included.
With Multi-Torch Illumination, High Speed Liquid Lens (16 mm), and standard front cover: 840 g (29.6 oz.).
With Multi-Torch Illumination, High Speed Liquid Lens (16 mm), and dome attachment: 970 g (34.2 oz.).
Ambient / Environment Temperature 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 122° F)
Storage Temperature -20° C to 80° C (-4° F to 176° F)
Humidity <95% non-condensing
Protection IP67 with all cables properly attached (or the provided connector plug installed), the IP67-rated cover, or Multi Torch attachment properly installed.
Packaging shock spec
(not device itself)
IEC 60068-2-27: 18 shocks (3 shocks in each polarity in each (X, Y, Z) axis) 80 Gs (800 m/s2 at 11 ms, half-sinusoidal) with cables or cable plugs and a 150 gram or lighter lens attached.
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6: vibration test in each of the three main axis for 2 hours at 10 Gs (10 to 500 Hz at 100 m/s2 / 15 mm) with cables or cable plugs and a 150 gram or lighter lens attached.
Regulations/Conformity CE, FCC, KCC, TÜV SÜD NRTL, EU RoHS, China RoHS

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