Cognex Vision Software Suite

Solve challenging machine vision applications with Cognex Vision Software. Cognex vision software provides the power and flexibility to solve your most challenging machine vision applications in a PC environment. 

The VisionPro®, VisionPro Deep Learning and ViDi software systems offer simplified solutions to even the most challenging applications.

Automate industrial inspections and monitoring tasks by integrating Cognex’s powerful machine vision and deep learning inspection tools, with rapid integration and a choice of programmatic interface or graphical, point-and-click training.

Users no longer need to separately programme standard tools and deep learning machine vision tools. Instead, one core interface is used for making changes and modifications to Cognex vision solutions.


VisionPro Deep Learning web

PC-based software

QuickBuild software with modular toolset means shorter development time, simpler configuration and flexible deployment.

Vision Pro web

Flexible vision insights

Edge learning tools and flexible programming interface automate complex vision tasks to solve industrial applications.

Cognex future ready web

Future-ready technology

Integrates with current and future Cognex technology today, and tomorrow, with toolset of smart deep learning and edge learning tools.

VisionPro® deep learning

VisionPro web

Built for factory automation

Solve challenging and highly variable inspections including defect detection and segmentation, assembly verification and character reading.

VisionPro carousel

Latest deep learning

Built-in deep learning speeds up training processes to analyse, validate and refine results faster, for rapid deployment.


ViDi web

Industry-leading tools

Solve simple or complex applications with a wide range of tools, including PatMax, LineMax and IDMax for ID and character verification.

ViDi EL machine learning

Pre-trained algorithms for machine learning; ViDi EL Classify for classification and ViDi EL OCR for character recognition.