We’re so excited to announce the arrival of two new Cognex In-Sight® D900 cameras at Bytronic HQ this week.

These incredible cameras are the first industrial-grade devices to be powered using Cognex’s ViDi™ deep learning vision software, making them a truly game-changing product for automated product inspection.

The In-Sight® D900 can perform a whole range of complex in-line inspection challenges, such as assembly verification, defect detection and optical character recognition, all within a small standalone camera.

Its built-in ViDi™ deep learning software takes machine vision far beyond human or rules-based image inspection, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to give the cameras a ‘human-like’ ability to make decisions on what they see. 

It really is the first product of its kind to make AI-based, deep learning vision accessible to anyone. 

Taking AI out of the lab and on to the factory floor

Until now, AI has been too conceptual to be practical – the preserve of academics with high-powered computers and programming expertise. The In-Sight® D900 changes all that. Everything is now built-in, making AI and deep learning applicable and practical to deploy on almost any in-line inspection setting without the need for a PC. 

You can now automate subjective measurements and inspections where previously human intuition and experience was necessary. Is a deodorant can scratched? How is that weld bead quality? What is that texture or material? Or what does the distorted print on that label say? 

The possible applications for these new devices are wide-reaching and hugely exciting for industries such as automotive, FMCG, packaging, medical, logistics and more.

These cameras expand the limits of what can be inspected automatically inside the factory, carrying out the most complex vision inspections quickly and cost-effectively.

They work straight out of the box, and can be fitted with a wide selection of covers, filters, lenses and lighting to suit harsh or changing environments.

Watch our ‘unboxing’ video here

Our two new In-Sight® D900 cameras will soon be on their way to one of our FMCG customers for real-time in-line trials, and we have more exciting testing planned for the weeks and months ahead. We’re already building them into our upcoming NeckInspect product application – watch this space for more details in the coming weeks.

“We are very pleased that our longstanding PSI partner Bytronic is now fully equipped and ready to deploy our deep learning smart camera platform D900. The product has powerful deep learning processing capabilities, and is easy-to-use – revolutionising easy customer deployment in a factory automation environment, for challenging cosmetic defect, anomaly and OCR applications. Bytronic is well-positioned with its proven track record in consumer products, food and automotive to deliver first-class turnkey solutions with Cognex D900.”

John Jackson, regional sales manager North Europe Cognex

In-Sight® D900 in detail

  • High Dynamic Range imaging creates evenly exposed images
  • Advanced vision tools solve wide range of applications
  • LED indicator allows pass/fail monitoring at a distance
  • High Sensitivity CMOS is compatible with C-mount lenses
  • IP67-rated C-mount lens covers available for protection in harsh environments and support wider diameter lenses
  • Available in 2.3MP and 5MP models
  • Local file storage on SD card

To book an in-line demonstration, click here.