We have more excellent news to report this week – Bytronic has been named the exclusive UK distributor for fire-prevention thermal imaging by Termisk Systemteknik.

We’ve been chosen to deliver automated fire prevention systems to high-risk sites, combining our specialist machine vision solutions with Termisk’s high-resolution thermal cameras, after successful projects for Thermascan and London’s largest waste and recycling centre, London Energy (read the case study here).

The Swedish technology uses advanced thermal imaging to detect elevated temperatures before fires start. It’s already been installed at over 30 sites throughout Scandinavia and now Bytronic will be rolling it out across the UK. 

Waste management sites are particularly vulnerable to fires because of the material they store, posing serious threats to health, the environment and property. By combining Termisk’s software with our knowledge of machine vision, we can train the cameras to understand heat signatures at waste sites, recognise elevated temperatures that shouldn’t be there and automatically trigger fire prevention measures before a fire even starts. 

It reduces the need for potentially dangerous manual inspections, and it delivers targeted fire prevention, rather than a blanket approach that can often cause significant damage to unaffected areas. 

“It gives me great pleasure to announce this partnership – it’s the result of a huge amount of hard work, both in the lab and out at potentially hazardous sites where fires are a constant threat. It’s testament to the efforts and ingenuity of our team. This technology has been rolled out across Sweden, and I’m excited that Bytronic is the first to bring it to waste sites in the UK.” 

Dr John Dunlop, founder of Bytronic Automation

The recent project for London Energy – delivered by Thermascan in conjunction with Bytronic – combined thermal imaging cameras supplied by FLIR with location monitoring software from Termisk to spot and extinguish so-called ‘hot spot’ fires in seconds using automatic, oscillating water cannons.

The cameras are highly sensitive to heat, and programmed to recognise known heat sources from moving vehicle exhausts or engines and identify genuine fire hazards – elevated temperatures – at an early stage, triggering an alert to notify an operator.

Should the temperature rise enough to become a fire risk – typically 60 degrees centigrade or above – the system activates a pair of water cannons which spray the affected area, adjusting water pressure and reach based on the location of the hot spot, before automatically  deactivating once the temperature has cooled sufficiently.

“The partnership with Bytronic gives us an excellent opportunity to understand and meet the needs of our customers in the UK. By combining forces with the experts at Bytronic, we can deliver joint solutions that draw on both companies’ knowledge, for the benefit of every customer.”

Patrik Stensbo, technical sales manager for Termisk Systemteknik

For more information about automated fire prevention, click here.