We’re thrilled to announce that Bytronic has been granted Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI) status by Cognex.

This is an industry first in the UK and underscores the hard work our team has put into underpinning logistics in manufacturing on a practical, measurable, and now verifiable level. It firmly establishes Bytronic as the UK’s industry leader and gives us exclusive access to the very best logistic integration solutions.

What is the Cognex LPI network?

Cognex is a 40-year-old technology and software company that supplies image-based barcode readers and machine vision solutions to the logistics industry.

Gavin Noble, Field Services Manager (Europe) at Cognex Corporation explains the motivation behind the LPI programme: 

“The LPI programme connects Cognex to our partner network like never before. It combines online, classroom and onsite training and mentorship to cover all of the specialisms and expertise that logistics customers demand. The syllabus covers product technology, system design, logistics tunnels and more.

“There was already that good relationship there, and the Pandemic made it stronger, with Bytronic helping out massively when access to travel was limited. The Bytronic team is easy to work with, really keen and quick with new ideas.”

Integrators achieve LPI status by getting their team fully qualified. There are currently two levels: C1 and C2. 

C1 status is currently held by Stewart Jackson, solution development manager, and our vision product engineers Andrew Thomas and Simon Jewell – with other team members currently in training to secure this qualification. Andrew is also working towards C2 status, which is certified through practical work and a final formal exam. 

This establishes the Bytronic team as the first and the only UK integrators to achieve LPI status. 

Martin Hurworth, CEO of Bytronic, added: “Securing the status of the UK’s first-ever LPI Partner cements our position as an industry leader in logistics. By being first to get this specialist training, we’re making sure our team is leading the way and developing their passion for logistics integration.

If you’re looking to embed integration into your manufacturing line or you’d like more information about how you make operational improvements, contact the team