When trouble strikes on the production line, every second of downtime or manual checks costs money. From preventative quality inspections to urgent recalls or just simply new product testing, last-minute or short-term production changes requires agility and flexibility.

Enter Inspection as a service: our new rapid turnaround service for temporary automated machine vision inspection. 

Designed for just-in-time production, this latest product is a short-term, low-cost alternative to more permanent, expensive systems or costly and arduous manual checks.

Unlike fixed inspection systems, which must be ordered to exact specifications long in advance, Inspection as a Service can be flexible and adapted to suit the unique conditions of a site.

The systems are loaned on a short-term basis and provide a low-cost vision alternative to lengthy and costly manual checks.

As a leading vision systems integrator, we have access to a range of in-stock products from our partners. This means equipment can be set up and installed in as little as 48 hours.

Manufacturers may just need a vision system for a few days, weeks, or months, to test production changes or overcome short-term challenges. This could be the result of adopting a new manufacturing process or a seasonal product change where processes may require testing, proofing or, just simply, a highly reliable method of inspection. 

The pace of manufacturing is increasing rapidly and companies need to be flexible in finding ways to adapt if they are to keep up with demand. This pressure can lead to fast and short-term production changes, such as new products, design adjustments or new methods.

Adapting vision solutions to meet modern manufacturing needs

As the pace of change in manufacturing continues to increase – temporary and low-cost vision solutions – shipped out and set up at short notice – will become vital to overcome production and manufacturing challenges such as quality checks, measurements of tolerance control. 

The benefits, in terms of accuracy, precision and consistency, are clear to see. Now, the rapid rollout makes it a viable option for so many more processes and places.

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