We’re very excited to announce the newest addition to Innovation Campus – a new ABB GoFa™ CRB1500 cobot.

The cobot will allow us to trial and test more concepts as we bring vision ideas to life.

Every day we work with our customers to improve their productivity through manufacturing vision. This cobot is our latest tool to improve our productivity.

Human and robot working together

The ABB GoFa™ CRB1500 cobot offers speed, safety, and ease of use, and can continuously share a workspace with people, giving it maximum flexibility and efficiency.

This means that both robot and human can cooperate on the same tasks, without jeopardising productivity or safety.

This will allow us to design rapid inspection solutions, capturing multiple images, at speed.

Helping us transform global productivity with vision

The cobot will be utilised in the design stage of the Bytronic ADDS process.

Our process of ADDS – or advice, design, deployment and service – helps manufacturers overcome inaction and deliver real productivity improvement, fast.

At the design stage, our vision engineers design, build and test projects, tapping into their extensive knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering, PLCs and software.

Even the most straightforward vision projects require an initial lab study and time is spent positioning cameras and lights to get the best image. If the position needs to be changed, the process is unbolt, move, adjust, tighten. Time wasted.

With the cobot, we just move the cobot. It records the position. If we need multiple positions, we simply move the cobot again and it records the position. Time saved.

At Bytronic, we sort out your productivity issues by combining advanced vision technology and integrator expertise to unleash the power of AI for your business. Get in touch to find out more.