Amid mounting challenges, industry needs partners to rapidly embed resilience, writes Martin Hurworth of Bytronic. By re-engineering operations together, we can transform with intelligent vision to enable excellence amid disruption.


The latest World Economic Forum report shows “Lighthouse” leaders innovating despite disruption. But most still face volatility. As enablers in re-engineering, we strengthen processes and upgrade workforces with intelligent vision to excel through change.


While output rose for pioneers, the UK lags. Post-Brexit, avoiding further decline requires new approaches. These beacons excel in agility that enables adaptation. But are they brave enough to fail?


A zero-failure mentality hinders agility. Precision must blend with uncertainty. Like tech disruptors who “fail fast” and iterate, manufacturers need an entrepreneurial mindset. Test and learn. Combine precision with agility.


Just as Lighthouses found exponential benefits in innovation, reengineering for resilience promises similar rewards. Blend precision and agility. Transform with intelligent vision. Together, resilience can be rapidly embedded.


The time is now for industry and partners to transform operations and upgrade workforces.


By re-engineering today, we can attain enduring excellence and lead through disruption.


The future of manufacturing depends it.