It’s no secret that our specialist systems are changing the frontline of manufacturing in the UK by encouraging automation and organically empowering the workforce to upskill, so I’m pleased to share that Bytronic’s insightful innovations and powerful partnerships are now being rolled out on a global scale.


Reducing waste and preventing accidents with cost-effective quality control, our vision engineer Fran has recently travelled to a Canadian brewery to implement our acclaimed HotSpot system.


Backed by a fully integrated, automated and non-contact quality control system and the assurance of years of dedicated testing and deployment in the UK, the international market is now starting to see the innate and incredible value of investing in automation.


This is a big moment for UK industry, particularly at a time when the impact of Brexit have hit many homegrown businesses hard.


After being approached by this Belgian-owned brewery to implement our locally developed solutions on foreign soil, we’re looking forward to proving to other brewers and manufacturing monoliths that the UK’s innovative automation solutions reduce waste, cut product loss and improve net gains across the board – all from the factory floor.


With FLIR longwave infrared thermal cameras and Cognex Vision Pro software and touchscreen control panels included as standard in each installation, Bytronic’s HotSpot makes plastic wrap a thing of the past by guaranteeing your cardboard or paperboard packaging is strong, safe and sturdy.


Already used by well-known brewers like Budweiser, Stella Artois, Brahma, Corona and Heineken to package millions of bottles and cans per year, we’re hopeful that our forage into Ontarion industry will reinforce global confidence in UK manufacturing and logistics solutions.


Want to learn more? Click here to explore how our cutting-edge HotSpot system operates – and how it could work for you.