Bytronic Automation launched a new automated system this week which uses thermal cameras for accurate, non-contact skin temperature measurement, looking for anomalies that may indicate a fever and underlying infection. If elevated body temperature (EBT) is detected, the system can be set to trigger an alert – on screen, with light or sound alarm. The results of the measurement are presented immediately and recorded to a database.

The adoption of this system is one small, but vital measure, to combat the spread of disease and flu.

Here is what our resident authority in Machine Vision, Stewart Jackson has to say to those who wonder if the system is actually accurate enough:

“If calibrated properly using a “black body”, we can get an accuracy of 0.3Co. The black body is a highly accurate temperature emitter that must be visible to the camera so you can continuously re-calibrate the camera. You also need to be able to see the area around the tear ducts, this is the only area you can get an accurate enough reading as it is close to internal body temperature.”

Stewart also has a word of warning: “All those systems you see showing temperature readings of crowds of people are just nonsense!”

John Dunlop, founder and director of Bytronic, says:

“Bytronic have used their HotSpot software with experience of Vision Systems and Thermal Inspection to provide a solution for screening for elevated body temperatures. I am really pleased with the results – well done everyone! Now let’s fight this together!”

Here is a quick FAQ:

Get in touch now if you’d like to enquire about Bytronic’s EBT Detection system.