Bytronic & Cognex – trusted partners in vision

The team at Bytronic is Cognex trained and regularly update their skills through the approved Cognex training academy. We’re the UK’s only officially recognised Partner System Integrator (PSI) and Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI). This means we’re the only integrator who can offer the whole range of Cognex products, from the factory floor to logistics and e-commerce.

Our team are certified designers and installers of Cognex products. We invest in a range of Cognex products to support demonstrations, working with them to develop inspection solutions.

We don’t make cameras, we make solutions. So we only work with these best technology providers. That’s why we partner with Cognex, and it’s a partnership built on trust.

“No one does deep learning like Cognex...
but Bytronic brings that technology to life."

Mathias Maas, European sales manager, Cognex

Cognex and Bytronic teams at our Innovation Campus

Cognex LPI status

An expert partnership

With over 1,000 patents issued or pending and 13% of revenue invested in R&D every year, Cognex has unrivalled expertise in machine vision technology. At Bytronic we use our software engineering skills to integrate Cognex’s vision technology with powerful data analysis and predictive insights to optimise global manufacturing operations.

Decades of joint innovation

For more than 25 years, we have been developing our knowledge and experience of machine vision – supplying companies around the world with vision inspection solutions using 2D cameras, 3D cameras, barcode readers, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, edge computing and deep learning.

Cognex packaging
Cognex Logistics

The UK's first Logistics Partner Integrator

Bytronic was the first UK integrator to achieve LPI status. In our work developing logistics inspection and monitoring solutions, our LPI status gives us exclusive access to the very best logistic integration solutions Cognex has to offer.

"The Bytronic team is easy to work with and quick with new ideas."

Gavin Noble, European services and training manager, Cognex

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