What can you do a second? In the time it takes you to take a deep breath or even gather a stray thought, the new In-Sight 3800 camera can classify items, track barcodes and read text – and it can do that more than 30 times every single second. In a single inspection, no less. 


It’s the world’s fastest embedded vision system – and that’s not hype or hyperbole; it’s a fact. 

It’s 4 times faster than its ‘little brother’ the 2800 and with over three times the resolution too – meaning it’s without equal and sets a new standard for vision inspection.





Its unparalleled defect detection enables you to:


    • Maximise throughput
    • Accommodate the very fastest line speeds
    • Improve the accuracy of your inspections
    • Achieve higher product quality



As any integrator will tell you, lighting is one of the most critical elements of inspection and by far one of the most complicated variables to contend with. Well, the 3800 easily solves this ‘problem’ with integrated lighting that automatically adjusts the contrast to catch even the most minute of defects. 





It’s powered by the Cognex In-Sight Vision Suite (so it works with existing In-Sight systems already in use) and that’s still not got to the best bit.





Because it’s built with AI, it’s future-ready for new AI upgrades as they’re developed. The potential of this camera for high-speed manufacturing and logistics lines is virtually insurmountable. 






What could your lines could do with this kind of high-speed vision system? The Cognex In-Sight 3800 is available for factory trials right now