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What production and logistics challenges is your organisation facing? We have the intelligent machine vision solutions to help you unlock your production potential, whatever your industry. From simple production improvements to large, bespoke projects, we can help.

SealCheck web


Eliminate seal issues from your production line with automated thermal image inspection. Achieve total quality control of your heat sealed products to prevent product recalls.

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HotSpot web


Prevent product recalls with this automated, hotmelt glue application inspection system. Check every product and eliminate plastic wrapping to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Termisk thermal

Fire Prevention

Prevent fires before they start with automated fire prevention and detection systems for high-risk sites. Prevent property damage and stop environmental pollution with thermal imaging.

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Identify and track tote bins on your production line. Expand your line capacity and reduce manual labour costs with real-time locations and colour coding for quick location and collation.

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tote tracker


Save operational time and reduce costs with automated, non-contact tote bin inspection. Identify leftover products and reject failed tote bins without the need for manual checks.

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Bytronic 360 barcode reader

360° Barcode Reader

The perfect solution for non-contact barcode reading, verification and validation. Fits any production line or product – regardless of line speed or product shape, size ore orientation.

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Bytronic EBT mask

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)

Detect possible fevers and reduce the spread of infections with our non-contact temperature scanners. Fully automated, compliant and accurate to within half a degree’s centigrade.

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PackCheck web


Ensure every pack is complete and properly wrapped before it leaves your factory. Fully automated, non-contact inspection system to prevent product recalls and downtime.

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Bespoke Products

Bespoke projects

We are always developing new solutions to fit bespoke project requirements. Using our state-of-the-art test facilities we can develop machine vision solutions for any requirement.

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